Even in today’s GPS-guided world,
maps are here to stay!

Because that’s exactly what they represent – the parts of our lives that are here to stay. Maps aren’t just about directions or street names. They remind us of permanence and stability.

Maps are popular giveaways, are usually advertising supported, and have a long shelf life, so maps can be low-cost, high-visibility marketing tools. Maps promote your location, your community, your businesses, your lifestyle!

Chambers of Commerce, cities, towns and municipalities, new and expanding neighborhoods and developments, regional entities, government and non-government agencies and organizations can all benefit from the advantages of map marketing.
The maps created by the Spinnaker Group are distinguished by exceptional quality and attention to detail. We handle all aspects of map creation from start to finish, from north and south to east and west:
  • The most up-to-date and accurate information
  • Map components and points of interest that meet your objectives (such as geographic features, golf courses, parks, restaurants, businesses)
  • Eye-catching graphic design
  • Directory listing for advertisers (optional)
  • Space for additional information (editorials, letters, background history, phone numbers, etc.) (optional)
  • Space for mailing address (optional)
  • Ad space sales
  • Printing